Important Information for Youth Program Participants

Please read the important information below for more details about operation of the youth program. If you have any questions, please call Youth Program Director Caroline Mathes at 207-397-3477 (home) or 207-446-7356 (mobile) or email

Drop Off: at Quarry Road Trails Welcome Center as near to 3:15 as possible.
Check with Coach if ski waxing assistance is needed
Don’t leave 4 and 5 year olds without checking with coach

Waxing: 3:15-3:30 on the deck or in the Club shed across the road. Younger kids have skis with fish scales, kids with 137 cm skis have combi skis that require a Kick wax on classic ski days.

Warm up: 3:15-3:30 Once waxed or given the ok to warm up then kids should stay in Stadium area within sight of the Welcome Center or the new Terrain Park.

Weather: We keep an eye on temperatures and use guidelines set by several ski organizations. Basically, if its over 10 degrees and we dress properly, if we keep moving and we have the shelter nearby, then we feel its safe to have ski practices.

Clothing: Layers, layers and layers from the head to the toes. Hats or headbands (ask about our club Toko Hats); , a Yowie (neck gaiter) provided by the Club which fits nicely in a pocket and should be brought to every practice. Several layers of lighter clothing such as a tee shirt or turtle neck, fleece, wind breaker top, long underwear bottoms and windbreaker pants (ask about club Swix pants). The hands should have waterproof gloves, mitts or lobster mitts; feet need wool, fleece or smart sock. We will not let kids out to ski if they have bare heads or cotton gloves on frigid days. Bulky parka and snow pants for the youngest skiers may be fine if they can’t move enough to stay warm but layers are ideal.

Snacks: Before Practice we encourage parents to provide a small snack and a water bottle to their child before practice as kids energy levels are low due to early school lunches. After Practice the club will provide Roco Cocoa which is lower in sugar and higher in protein than your average cocoa. We request parents take turns to donate snacks for the group, ~ 35 servings. Tammy Diaz will coordinate these snacks donations. We encourage using the Let’s Go guidelines which emphasizes fruits, vegetable and whole grain treats that are low in sugar. Tammy’s Contact is:

Ski Groups for the first week: We will have indoor time on the first day due to the cold and plenty of info to talk about: care of equipment and waxing, how to dress for the weather, buddy system, explaining the Gold, Silver, Bronze groupings. The outside time will be a short loop to assess who goes in what group. This is not a try out. Kids are grouped by the skills they can demonstrate from day to day. The group they are assigned to are not set for the season. As kids develop they can be moved to a more advanced group. Also due to number of volunteer instructors we may have to move kids from one group to another. This method has worked really well for us the past few years.

Ski Technique: We will focus on classic technique for the first 2 weeks. This will require waxing many skis. If you are a parent that can assist from 3:15-3:30 it would be really helpful to have you there. The 3rd week will be skate technique then we will alternate techniques depending on snow conditions.

Help in the Welcome Center: I am looking for a parent or grandparent to be the Greeter in the Welcome Center during ski time. You would learn the ipad Point of Sale for any purchases by customers from 3:15-4:00. But mostly you would be the Safety person in case a child can not participate due to illness or cold hands/ feet on the trail and has to come in early.

Volunteers: Parents are encouraged to participate and learn with their children and enjoy the FUN. Skiers spread out on the trail so the more parents on the trail improves safety and you can reinforce the lesson of the day.

Caroline Mathes
Youth Program Director