Quarry Road Opener

Sunday, December 9, 2018

12/6: The 1.8 km snowmaking loop was in good shape yesterday, but after a very successful snowmaking night, it should be FANTASTIC for Sunday.

Snowmaking on upper Opener loop, 12/6/18

Events for all ages!

Save $10 over day of race fees by signing up at https://www.skireg.com/quarry-road-opener by 5PM on December 8th (Saturday).

Schedule of Events:

8:30  AM Registration Opens; trails open for skiing

9:30  AM Lollipop Race (0.5km, 1 loop around stadium)

10:00 AM Middle School / BKL Race Start (2.0 km, 2 laps around stadium)

  • Boys followed by girls, interval start

10:30 AM High School / U16 / U18 Race start (3.6 km 2 full laps)

  • Boys followed by girls, interval start

11:00 AM Open Men (7.2 km, 4 full laps)

11:30 AM Open Women (7.2 km, 4 full laps)