Central Maine Ski-Skate Swap October 14th!


Central Maine Ski-Skate Swap General Event Information

Saturday, 14 October 2017

General Concepts

  1. Host a ski-skate swap event on the 14thof October to raise funds for the Central Maine Ski Club (CMSC), the Waterville Elementary Mitchell/Hall School PTO and the Central Maine Youth Hockey Association (CMYHA).  The CMSC is the event organizer.
  2. The ski-skate swap will be held at the George J. Mitchell School in Waterville (58 Drummond Ave).   Volunteers from these three organizations will run the event.  20% of the proceeds of any sale will be donated to the CMSC, Waterville Elementary Schools PTO, and the CMYHA.
  3. Families will bring equipment to be swapped to the Mitchell school on Friday afternoon/evening (13 October) to be tagged with a price and organized for display.
  4. Ski-skate SWAP: Families planning to bring equipment for sale should clean up the equipment before drop-off  (for example:  sharpen and polish skates, clean and air out hockey gear, clean and polish skis and poles, etc.).  Cleaned equipment should be easier to sell.

Equipment Drop Off (4-8pm)

  1. Equipment tagging volunteers will staff equipment processing stations.
  2. Volunteers will organize incoming equipment on the table, tag the equipment and add the following data about the equipment for local records:
  • Seller last name,
  • Category and type of equipment (e.g. Nordic skis)
  • General descriptive information about equipment
  • Sales Amount
  1. Subject matter experts (Nordic, Alpine, Snowboarding, Hockey, Skating) should be available to assist families in pricing equipment.
  2. A claim tag will be provided for each set of equipment to be sold.  The seller will be expected to present this claim tag later in the evening to receive any funds from the sale and to pick-up any unsold equipment.
  3. Equipment display volunteers will be responsible for collecting equipment from the equipment tagging stations and organizing equipment within the venue for display.

Equipment Swap Day (9am to 3pm)

  1. Volunteers will start arriving by 8am and will be able to purchase equipment from 8 am to 9am.
  2. Doors will open to public at 9am. The equipment for sale will be displayed in the venue.  Seating and floor protection will be provided in designated areas to try on skates.
  3. Subject matter experts (Nordic, Alpine, Snowboarding, Hockey, Skating) should be available to assist families with equipment questions.
  4. Anyone wishing to purchase equipment must use CASH ONLY.
  5. Check-out volunteers will staff equipment check-out stations.    Volunteers will collect money for equipment and update records to identify which equipment/ tag number was purchased.

Equipment Pick-up (4-8pm)

  1. Public should return for equipment pick-up and payment from 4-8pm.
  2. Families should present equipment tags for the equipment left for swap at the equipment pick-up station near the entrance. Families will be paid for any sold equipment at this time.
  3. Families with un-sold equipment will be asked to locate their equipment inside the venue and bring it to the equipment check-out tables near the exit. Tags and equipment will be checked and all tags removed at this time before families leave the venue.

    Any equipment left for sale, or proceeds from sales, which have not been picked up by Saturday at 8 pm will be considered donations to the event.  Any equipment left behind will be donated to a local charity or disposed of by the event volunteers.


  1. Contact information for the ski-skate swap event:

    Scott Beale, 660-2043

    Caroline Mathes